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Under Ohio: The Story of Ohio's Rocks and Fossils Written and illustrated by Charles Ferguson Barker Ohio University Press, 2007 ISBN-10: 082141755X ISBN-13: 9780821417553

Under Ohio: The Story of Ohio's Rocks and Fossils takes young readers under the surface of Ohio's landscape to reveal the fascinating story of what's under their feet-a world with more to discover than meets the eye. Charles Barker sends readers down the "Ohio Timepike," back a billion years to when the earth under Ohio split and created faults that cause earthquakes today. He tells of continents colliding and pushing up mountains taller than the Rockies; identifies fossilized coral and shells that evince the tropical seas that once covered the state; and relates the tremendous impact of the Ice Age, which forever changed the Ohio landscape. Under Ohio features colorful illustrations and tools for exploring Ohio's geology. Kids, parents, teachers, or anyone who wants to know more about the state's geological features also will be armed with a list of Ohio's best sites for rock and fossil hunting, as well as useful information to begin an adventure in their own back yards, including a geologic timeline and glossary, and pages for explorers to record their own geological notes.


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