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Structure Contour Map on the Precambrian Unconformity Surface in Ohio and Related Basement Features, by Mark T. Baranoski, Version 2.0, released 2013. Scale 1:500,000 (1 inch equals about 8 miles).

Map PG-23 and the accompanying report show the interpreted Precambrian unconformity surface and structural data currently available for the Precambrian surface of Ohio. Specifically, the map shows deep well locations, prehistoric geologic structures, fault zones, and remnants of eroded mountain chains. Updated from the original version released in 2002, map PG-23 utilizes data from an additional 79 deep wells,including Class I and Class II injection wells, in Ohio and surrounding areas.

A 17-page report accompanies the map, map ships folded along with the report.

You can purchase this map and report or download the PDF and accompanying digital data for free from the Survey's Web site: www.OhioGeology.com.

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