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IC63 Book and CD together

IC63 Book and CD together
Ohio's geology in core and outcrop-A field guide for citizens and environmental and geotechnical investigators, by Gregory A. Schumacher, Brian E. Mott, and Michael P. Angle. 191 p., 2013.

Written for a wide audience-from students and amateur geologists to experienced geoscience and engineering professionals-IC 63 details the state's surficial deposits and near-surface bedrock units. Spiral-bound and printed on waterproof paper using waterproof inks, IC 63 is designed for use both indoors and in the field. The field guide provides a succinct summary of the geology of Ohio through an introductory section and 65 fact sheets that describe 111 surficial and bedrock units. A thorough introduction explains geologic time, Ohio's surficial and near-surface geology, the history of Ohio's near-surface bedrock geology, and Survey map products and how to use them. Each of the 65 facts sheets describes the geologic, engineering, and hydrogeologic properties of Ohio's rocks. The fact sheets are enhanced with full-color photographs, diagrams, and maps, providing detailed views of the diagnostic features of Ohio's near-surface geologic units in both natural and man-made exposures as well as in core drilled through these geologic units. The publication is available in printed format and digitally as a PDF on CD.

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