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DDF 6. In recent years, rising oil and natural gas prices spurred an increase in oil and gas drilling activity throughout Ohio, especially wells targeting Devonian shale in Ohio, an important oil and gas producing reservoir. To meet the increase in demand for data on this type of shale, the ODNR Division of Geological Survey compiled and scanned all core records and analysis of this material into a single resource, The Ohio Compilation of Devonian Shale Data and Investigations. Data compiled includes information such as core descriptions, density, gas analysis, total organic content and various geo-chemical analyses that can be used to better identify the best areas for oil and gas potential. A Devonian shale production database was compiled that contains all available data through 2005. Pertinent publications about Devonian shale from the Gas Research Institute (GRI) and U.S. Department of Energy were scanned and placed in a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet also includes an updated reference list of publications that discuss Devonian shale in Ohio. The latest Version 2.0 includes additional formation tops and production data from a GRI Devonian shale study from 1988.


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